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Silver, Brass, and Metal Restoration Services in Charlottesville, VA

Serving: homeowners, antique dealers, collectors, insurance companies & jewelry stores in Charlottesvile, VA, the state of Virginia, and the United States.
Silver Copper Brass Pewter
Silver Replating  Copper Retinning  Baby Shoe Bronzing
Polishing Lacquering Repair & Engraving
Restoration For:
Heirlooms, tea sets, flatware, trays, hollowware, candelabras, candleholders, dresser sets, trophies, picture frames, jewelry, samovars, lamps, jewelry boxes, coat racks, tables,  hardware, chandeliers, fireplace tools, brass beds ... and much more.                                
Tortoise Shell Comb Replacements
Boar Brush Replacements
Sheffield Knife Blade Replacements
Tortoise Shell Comb, Boar Brush & Mirror Replacements
Sheffield Knife Blade & Flatware Replacements
Replated Candleholders
Polished & Lacquered Candleholders
Replated Punch Bowl
Trophy Restoration
Engraved Julep Cups
Polished & Lacquered Picture Frames
Polished & Lacquered Brass Table Top
Polished & Lacquered Brass Bed